Visa Debit Card Details

Customer Behavior

Due to an increase in breaches at popular merchants your cardholder diligence and account monitoring is becoming important as the first line of defense in fraud mitigation. 

Some best practices to share with cardholders are:


  • Monitor activity on your accounts regularly. Fraudsters are becoming savvier at avoiding detection of fraud monitoring programs by following transaction spending patterns that are similar to cardholders as well as by using less popular merchants that may not be monitored as heavily.

  • Ensure your financial institution has your current contact information to reach you in case they suspect activity on your account.

  • When shopping online, do not store your login credentials or your debit/credit card information on websites.

  • Ensure your login credentials (user ID and specifically passwords) for your computer, online banking, smart phones, websites, or any system where you login has secure, complex passwords that are difficult to guess (ex: minimum of 9 characters long using a combination of upper & lower case letters, numbers and characters).

  • Update passwords for websites regularly to ensure continued protection.

  • Be cautious of accessing personal information and of purchasing online if on an unsecured or public WiFi network.

  • Ensure that personal computer and smart phone protections are kept current (ex: firewalls, antivirus software, inc.).

  • Be aware of current fraud trends related to social engineering (ex: phishing) and social networking sites (ex. Facebook).