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Operating Loans and Revolving Lines of Credit

We can help you afford the lease of more farming or grazing property, cover operating expenses such as those needed for harvest season, seeds for your next planting, or to cover feed costs. They can also extend to pay your taxes, or other cost of living needs when you're in a pinch.

Livestock Loans

If you need to increase stock, add new bloodlines, or are looking to establish a new herd to meet the demands of the livestock business, our livestock loans are just for you. Whether you are heading to the auction house, buying out another rancher, or investing in the purchase of calves or yearlings from a breeder, we can offer a flat amount loan to cover just what you need.

Equipment Loans

Need a new tractor or new implements? We can help here, too. Whether you're looking for a new equipment for harvesting, planting new crops or maintaining the appropriate lifestyle for your livestock, we have seen it all and is used to filling every niche for our local farmers and ranchers. We'll work with you and your seller to come up with a solution to get you behind the wheel and working.

Real Estate Loans

We offer a variety of ways to finance the purchase of new property, whether you are investing in your first purchase or shifting to something new.

Farmer Mac Loans

Since 1988, Farmer Mac has become an integral part of rural America, having funded nearly 80,000 farmers throughout all 50 states in nearly every type of circumstance and in all types of agriculture. Ninety-seven percent of these USDA-guaranteed Farmer Mac loans have been granted to small family farms. Our lending team has worked with Farmer Mac since its inception and will help you navigate through the paperwork to meet your needs.

*All loans subject to credit approval.

Home Loan Programs

Whether you're buying or building, we can help you with our great loan options. 

Make Your Wallet Smarter

The safe, convenient and secure way to carry around your wallet.