COVID Assistance

Assistance for COVID-19 Pandemic

In efforts to support more convenient access to your funds, the Federal Reserve has temporarily amended their requirements for Regulation D. Until further notice all savings accounts and all money market deposit accounts subject to Regulation D will be allowed an unlimited number of withdrawals/ transfers. Previously this limit was set to six (6) withdrawals/ transfers per four (4) week period or similar period. This exception does not apply to Certificates of Deposits.

The IRS has launched a "Get My Payment" portal for tracking the status of their Economic Impact Payment follow this link for more information.

Effective March 23, 2020, a temporary increased Mobile Deposit Daily Limit has been established of $10,000.00 per User ID per day.
Effective immediately Eastern Colorado Bank will not access late fees on residential Mortgage Loans. We value our relationship as Your Friendly Bank and encourage you to contact your Mortgage Loan Officer if you have concerns about making your Mortgage payment.

Effective immediately Eastern Colorado Bank will waive the non-customer check cashing fee for the US Treasury checks (this includes tax refunds and stimulus checks) and state refund checks to assist our communities during this pandemic. This will be in effect until June 30, 2020.

During these times of unease and financial uncertainty it may be in your best interest to skip one (1) or two (2) payments and preserve your cash. For our Personal Loan Customers we want to offer you the opportunity to skip one or two payments. And we are waiving our customary $30.00 processing fee.  Please note that the maturity date of your note will be extended for one or two months if you take advantage of this offer. Interest will continue to accrue during the months you skipped and normal payment responsibility will resume in the following month. This will result in a modified last payment.  Offer expires June 30, 2020. Not applicable to any residential mortgages.

We value our relationship as Your Friendly Bank and encourage calling a Loan Officer if there are other lending questions or concerns. We will be working with borrowers who have been affected by this pandemic. We are here for you.

For over 75 years we have been helping our communities with their financial needs. As the global impact of COVID-19 affects all of us in many different ways, we remain committed to helping our customers. As a courtesy the bank has a $10.00 overdraft limit in place. Effective March 26, 2020, this been changed to $100.00. For example, if your account is overdrawn less than $100.00 you will not be assessed an overdraft fee. On June 30, 2020, in a continuing effort, this limit amount will be changed to $10.00 and will apply to transactions beginning July 1, 2020. In addition, we are currently charging $3.00 each business day your account is overdrawn more than four (4) consecutive days and we are dropping that fee to $0.00 until June 30, 2020, at which time it will be changed back to $3.00.


We Are Here For You

As a locally owned Bank with deep family roots, our approach to banking has always been guided by our long-standing principle: Our success as a financial institution depends wholly on the success of our clients and our employees.

During times of unease, this approach and appreciation for family is especially important to us. Our Bankers and Clients are an extension of the Eastern Colorado Bank family. Maintaining the well-being of our Clients, Bankers and communities is our top priority. Therefore we have decided to close our Bank lobbies as of Friday, March 20. 

Rest assured, closing our lobbies does not mean we are closed. We are taking necessary precautions to remain healthy and safe, but we are ready to serve our clients through other methods.

Electronic Banking  


Effective March 23, 2020, a temporary increased Mobile Deposit

Daily Limit has been established of $10,000.00 per User ID. 

Call our 24 Hour Telephone Banking

Lobby Alternatives

In our branches that have Drive Thru or Walk Up facilities, we encourage customers to interact in this manner. In all branches, we have night depositories that we will check three times per day during this pandemic to ensure your banking needs are met timely. Also, our branches throughout Colorado and Kansas will answer phone calls Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

Lending Clients

For our lending clients, we encourage calling your Loan Officer to explore alternative ways to communicate and exchange information to ensure your lending needs are met. We recognize the pandemic is causing serious monetary implications for families and businesses. We will be working with borrowers who have been affected by this pandemic.

Avoiding Coronavirus Scams

As is true with most major news event, it’s important to safeguard yourself from opportunists and scam artists that use these situations for malicious intent. For more information about coronavirus scams, please read this alert from the Federal Trade Commission.

Your Friendly Bank keeping your money Safe Since 1944

In this current environment, we recognize that plans can dynamically change. Please know that our Bank will always maintain the highest level of quality, and our Banker family stands ready to serve you now and into the future.  

We are here for you.

Your Friendly Bank

Greg J. Weed, CEO