Business Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Certificates of Deposit (CD)

Are you looking for a guaranteed return on your investment? Our Certificates of Deposit are available in a variety of maturity term and rate structures to help match your investment goals. By investing in a Certificate of Deposit, you also have the peace of mind that your accounts are FDIC insured to at least $250,000.00. Please contact us for more information on our CDs.

We offer Certificates of Deposit in the following maturity options & tiers:

Maturity Options
182 Day CD
12 Month CD
18 Month CD
24 Month CD
36 Month CD

$   2,500.00 - $     9,999.99
$  10,000.00 - $  24,999.99
$  25,000.00 - $  49,999.99
$  50,000.00 - $  99,999.99
$100,000.00 - $249,999.99

Penalty for early withdrawal


FFA/4H CD Special

*Annual Percentage Yield is 5.00% and the Interest Rate is 4.93%. Minimum opening balance is $1.00 and minimum daily balance of $1.00 required. Interest will pay at maturity and will auto renew into our 182 day CD product at the rate that is available at the time of maturity. The penalty for early withdrawal is 30 days interest. To participate in this program, you must be an active Future Farmers of America (FFA) or 4-H Club Member in the Colorado Counties of: Cheyenne, Kit Carson, Lincoln, or El Paso or in the Kansas County of: Wallace; or the member must have a parent or legal guardian who has an existing relationship with our bank. FFA/4-H Club member must have an existing account with Eastern Colorado Bank or open a checking or savings account in conjunction with the opening of this Certificate of Deposit.

**CD must be opened in the name and tax identification number of the FFA/4-H Club Member. To receive the $50.00 gift, the $50.00 gift must be deposited into this CD or into another account held in the name of the FFA/4-H Club Member at Eastern Colorado Bank when the CD is opened. Money deposited into this Certificate of Deposit is limited to your individual proceeds from the individual prize awards and sales held during the 2024 County/State Fair along with the $50.00 gift. Proceeds amount will be verified with the proceeds check from the Sale. Offer expires October 31, 2024.

Summer VIBES CD Special

This 6 month Certificate of Deposit is tiered. Tier One is $2,500.00 - $24,999.99 and has a rate of 4.35% and APY is 4.40% and Tier 2 is $25,000.00 - $235,000.00 and has a rate of 4.45% and APY of 4.50%. An opening balance and minimum daily balance of $2,500.00 required. You may not deposit more than $235,000.00 into this account. If the account is closed before interest is credited, you may not receive the accrued interest. The penalty for early withdrawal is 180 days interest on the amount of money withdrawn and could negatively affect your principal balance if the penalty is more than what has accrued. This account will automatically renew into a 182 day CD. The renewal rate will be the 182 day rate in effect on the date of maturity. If you withdraw the funds during the 10 day grace period, no interest will be paid past the date of maturity. Public Funds, Brokered Deposits, Financial Institutions, IOLTA and COLTAF are not eligible for this special.

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