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We understand that changing banks can be a challenge. That is why we have provided tools to make this a seamless transition for you.

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For all the different stages of your life, we have a Savings Account to fit your needs. 

Savings Account

Start a Savings Account with a minimum of $100.00 opening deposit.  Access your funds easily in person or by transferring money to your checking account.  $300.00 minimum daily balance required.

Health Savings Account

In response to the escalating cost of health care, The Eastern Colorado Bank now offers Health Savings Account to individuals with high-deductible health plans.  These accounts offer a convenient way to save for future health care expenses:

  • Tax-Free Deductibles and Earnings
  • Flexibility in Spending
  • Year-to-Year Savings
  • Individual Ownership
  • Employer Contribution Options

Please contact us for more information about these products.